Thursday, March 28, 2013

ARTSY, FARTSY and MOMMA: Semaine de relâche

It was the semaine de relâche here in Québec, AKA Spring Break. I never as a child had a Spring Break like I did with my children this year. We were so very lucky to have this chance to experience a bit of nature thanks to my dear mom-in-law inviting us to enjoy a week in the country. My children and I also enjoyed an at home (well our home for the week...) version of cabane à sucre, or Sugar Shack. Look, I'm from Florida, so this is all new to me! Ham and hotdogs cooked in maple syrup over the fire, maple syrup poured onto virgin snow to do tire d'érable, or maple taffy (toffee). It was lovely. We enjoyed lots of wine, beer and good food: curry, tacos, fresh bread every day since I brought my bread machine (had fun with the dough setting too!). My kids were sooooo happy; in the city they don't get this type of freedom! So here's a bit of our week in pictures and a sketch from my journal of my mom-in-law's two huskies!

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